Carla J Waugh, Jewell County Clerk & Election Officer 

307 N Commercial St, Ste 5

Mankato, KS 66956

Telephone 785-378-4020

Fax 785-378-3037

Office hours: 8:30-12:00 1:00-4:30 


General Election November 5th

Reminder last day to register to vote for the General Election is October 15th.

We begin mailing advance ballots on October 16th and the last day our office can accept applications for advance voting by mail is October 29th.

Advance applications are available on this page.

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2019 Election Calendar

Election Dates, Candidate Filing Deadline and Voter Registration Deadline

Voter Registration Application

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The following candidates have filed for the General Election office:

Barbara Mizner, Esbon City Mayor

Destiny Flavin, Esbon City Council

Eldon L. Pate, Esbon City Council
Caleb Mahin, Formoso City Council

Korey J. Vacek, Formoso City Council

Darrell F. Bohnert, Jewell City Mayor

Joshua Burks, Jewell City Council

Max E. Burks, Jewell City Council

Bob Freeman, Jewell City Council

Wade Wilson, Jewell City Council

Don Koester, Mankato City Mayor

Justin A. Schoonover, Mankato City Mayor
Christopher Klos, Mankato City Council

John R. Tyler, Mankato City Council

Brenden Wirth, USD 107, Position #1
Kayla Dunstan, USD 107, Position #3
Bobi Fogo, USD 107, Position #5

Marc Grout, USD 107, Position #7

Joseph J. Magistro, USD 107, Position #7

Jeromi Wagner, USD 107, Position #7

Post Rock Extension Positions:

James Peroutek, Position 1

Natalie Frost, Position 2


School District Map

USD 107-1, Positions 1, 3 and 5  

USD 107-2, Positions 2, 4, and 6  

Position 7 at-large entire district votes on this position