Welcome to Jewell County, Kansas

County Notices page has Press Release from the Jewell County Health Department. 

Commissioners meet each Monday beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Archived Commission Minutes

2019 Board of Jewell County Commissioners


Mark Fleming (Vice Chairman) District 3

(Term expires 1/11/2021)

Represents Townships of Burr Oak, Esbon, Grant, Harrison, Highland, Holmwood, Jackson, Montana, Richland, Sinclair, Walnut, Whitemound and the Cities within those townships  

Keith Roe (Member) District 2

(Term expires 1/11/2021) 

Represents Townships of Center, and Limestone and the Cities within those townships 

Steve Greene (Chairman) District 1

(Term Expires 1/9/2023)

Represents Townships of Allen, Athens, Brownscreek, Buffalo, Calvin, Erving, Ionia, Odessa, Prairie, Vicksburg, Washington and the Cities within those townships